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Order a Custom Ice Cream Cake!

Our ice cream cakes are made with two layers of our delicious premium ice cream, with a layer of our homemade fudge and Oreo crumbles between the two ice cream layers. We can substitute Graham crackers, sugar or waffle cone crumbs, or even chocolate chips between the layers, if you prefer, and we can use our homemade butterscotch or caramel rather than fudge.


We will have some cakes in stock daily with basic flavors like vanilla and chocolate,  Oreo & chocolate, etc., but if you want custom flavors, please allow 48 hours notice (especially in the summer!).  If you need a cake rushed, we cannot make any guarantees, but will do our best to make it happen! (There will be a rush fee charge of $10).


Call the shop at 401-466-2145 or email to place your order! 

Three Available Cake Sizes:

8" round x 3" tall

Two layers of ice cream, with a layer of rich, gooey fudge and Oreo crumbles between the two layers. It serves approximately 8 to 10 people. 

$40.00 + tax
9x13" x 2" tall

This "quarter sheet" cake size is perfect for larger crowds. Like our round cakes, we make this in two layers, with fudge and Oreo crumbles between. This cake feeds roughly 18 to 20 people.

+ tax
10" round x 3" tall

Made with two layers of ice cream, just like the others, this cake should comfortably feed around 12 to 15 people. 

$50.00 + tax

Our shop has daily ice cream cake offerings with revolving flavor options! Stop by to check out what we have in stock for a an easy on-island celebration!


Cake Pricing & Details

We can also add our double fudge brownie to the bottom of the cake so you can have our famous Brownie Sundae cake!  Small add $8, Medium add $10 and large add $12. 


Our standard cake pricing includes our homemade whipped cream frosting (regular or chocolate!), and candy or sprinkles (your choice!) to make it more festive.  We will do our best writing the message (practice makes perfect!). Please keep in mind that we’re an ice cream shop and not a professional bakery.  Our decorators do a fantastic job, but if you're looking for an extremely detailed design and need absolute perfection, we won’t be able to accommodate that request.


Please Note:  Our suggested "number of people served" are for an "average" serving -- approximately 5 ounces. Please adjust these suggestions up or down depending upon whether you plan to serve "Baby Beach goers" or "Mansion beach goers"! You might want to consider whether the ice cream cake is the only dessert item being served, or if it's being served together with other items. While we don't want to talk you into buying a larger size than you need, in most cases it's better to have a little left over for later, rather than not having enough to serve everyone. Our cakes will taste just as great the next day, so long as you quickly return any unserved portions to your freezer!

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